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Notice of Privacy Protection

Depending upon the nature of your particular legal matter, the law firm of St. John, Scappini, Lombard & Stevens, may need to obtain personal information which identifies you.

Such personal information may include, but is not limited to:

- Social Security numbers
- Driver's License numbers
- State I.D. card numbers
- Bank account numbers
- Credit Card numbers
- Passport numbers
- Alien registration numbers
- Health Insurance numbers

It is the policy of this law firm to protect such information. Specifically, such information is kept in confidence as part of the Attorney Client privilege and is only used by us for the specific purpose for which the information was originally given to us. Our policy is such that unlawful disclosure is specifically prohibited and access to such information is limited to the Attorneys and staff of our law firm.

Finally, it is the policy of this firm, that as to any documents containing such personal information, when said documents are discarded, said documents are to be shredded in order to further protect against unauthorized access to said personal information.